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Why the CEO's Group?
The CEO’s Group is founded on the principle that CEOs learn best from other CEOs, and that no one can challenge, push or inspire as effectively as a peer.  The CEO’s Group provides a credentialed facilitator to ensure a well prepared discussion with balanced participation.

The CEOs provide the passion, intensity and accountability. The CEO’s Group offers a disciplined approach to problem solving with a consistent group of 8-10 CEOs of growth-oriented companies who meet monthly, under the direction of a professional facilitator. The consistency of the group ensures that you will get quality advice from people whom you respect and who understand your business.

“Even though we are in different industries, each
of us is going through
some sort of transition.”

Rob Kasameyer,
Cambridge Viscosity

Why is this program needed?
  • CEOs are isolated
  • Only peers can provide candid, fearless feedback
  • The fresh perspectives of different disciplines puts issues in context

Why is this program effective?
  • Consistent participation with a diverse group of CEOs builds knowledge and trust 
  • Professional facilitation ensures well-thought-out problems and equal participation 
  • This disciplined thinking made possible by good preparation and thoughtful questioning leads to break-through decision-making
  • Consistent participation at monthly meetings ensures follow-through

The FormatMeetings run from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM with each group meeting monthly.  Once each quarter, you will have an opportunity to present a case to the group concerning a challenge you are facing or a major decision you need to make. This formal event ensures that each CEO will gain in-depth and frank insight from their peers on a complex issue that you are facing.

The FeeThe annualized fee for participation in The CEO’s Group is $7500 payable in monthly or quarterly installments within the same calendar year and renews automatically.

It is through consistent participatoin that the group provides significant value to all involved.  For more information and to apply, contact Julie Scofield at The SBANE Educational Center, 978-223-2217 or


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